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Petrides Mousepad

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This premium, yet soft vegan leather pad provides a cushion for your hand and a smooth surface for your mouse to ensure you have a seamless computing experience. You’ll love the depth and character it adds to your workspace!

The Petrides Vegan Leather Mousepad is not only useful, it’s also eco-friendly. Now you can show the world how compassionate, conscious, and committed you are to a cruelty-free lifestyle with this 100% vegan mouse pad.

Why get yours?
  • Ages beautifully! The vegan leather will slowly transform and darken over time as you use it, and will take on a unique wear pattern as it ages. Don’t settle for the ordinary - get an upgrade to Petrides now!
  • Designed for comfort! Make sleek and ergonomic work a reality with this portable cactus leather mouse pad. The mousepad’s vegan leather base provides cushioning for hours of comfortable typing or gaming, and its smooth surface ensures an effortless glide for your mouse.
  • Environment friendly! Our mission is to create sustainable products that are good for people and friendly on the planet. With our eco-friendly, cruelty-free cactus leather, you can customize your workspace while helping the environment.
  • Ideal gift! A wonderful gift for vegans, vegans-to-be, or peaceful warriors everywhere, this 100% cruelty-free mouse pad is a must-have.
If you're looking for a minimalist mouse pad that will still impress your colleagues, try our new line of luxurious Petrides Vegan Leather Mousepad. Specially designed to protect your surfaces and provide a smooth, comfortable glide with your mouse, this stylish mouse pad adds a touch of natural elegance to your workplace.

It’s not just a mousepad. It’s a conversation starter that will get people asking you where they can get one.