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Ethan Desk Pad


Make a statement with our ethically-sourced vegan leather desk pad. Go green for the planet and look stunning doing it!

Dimensions: 51 cm (width) x 31 cm (height)

Clean and simple, these attractive Ethan Desk Pads will help you stay focused on your task while protecting your desk and providing room for your mouse, keyboard, or laptop!

Why get yours?

  • Looks better with time! The highest quality of vegan leather will slowly transform and darken over time and will take on a unique wear pattern as you use it.
  • Environment friendly! Our mission is to create sustainable products that are good for people and friendly on the planet. With our eco-friendly, cruelty-free cactus leather, you can customize your workspace while helping the environment.
If you are looking to keep things simple and streamlined on your desk, then the Ethan desk pads might be just what you are after! Handcrafted from cactus faux leather and stylishly finished, our vegan mat will give your work area a natural touch!


48-hours delivery to the UK and the EU.


Handcrafted in Spain.


Vegan materials and processes.

Wide surface area

Our pads are a unique way to add personality without sacrificing style. This plant-based faux leather desk pad protects your desk, provides a smooth and comfortable place for your mouse or laptop.


Crafted in high-quality stitching around the edges to ensure it doesn't fray and holds up to years of heavy use!

Ethan Desk Pad - Cactus Green