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Vegan Fashion 2020-From Trickle-Down to the Forefront

When we say vegan fashion, we mean futuristic, ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle and accessories. If you are assuming that vegan fashion has its limitations when it comes to style and trend, you would be surprised to find out how awfully wrong you are.

In 2020, stylists have surprised the world with an impressive Vegan Fashion Week in Downtown Los Angeles, proving that eco-fashion is anything but boring. Sustainable fashion has its own charm when it comes to cruelty-free goods that are close to nature.

Veganism, a philosophy based on compassionate living with a conscious approach, has inspired many people from all different lifestyles. The concept of vegan diet already existed in ancient Indian and Mediterranean societies long ago but the term, however, was officially coined in the early 1900s to include this philosophy in every part of daily life. Needless to say, it quickly became a lifestyle thereafter.

Supporting veganism means living a minimalist and eco-friendly life with vegetable-based diets and a lifestyle based on animal-free food and sustainable sources only. The waste and hogging up oceans can be given a break while living a pure and simple life with this planet-friendly philosophy. Today, The millennials and Generation Zs, who are the main consumers, seem to be working towards a promising future of the planet with this approach. Eco-friendly businesses and vegan fashion ventures have shot up drastically over these few years.

With soaring environmental advancements in recent years and bans on the usage of certain non-biodegradable goods, the idea of eco-living has become a new living standard and thus widely accepted in all parts of the world. It has turned many heads and continues to win support as the vegan market expands.

There are hundreds of eco-fashion brands out there which are spectacular when it comes to creativity. Be it street fashion, beauty and skin products, herbal cruelty-free skincare range, eco-friendly leather etcetera, the vegan market has flourished. We are now talking about vegan leather, vegan fabric, vegan computer accessories and hardware, and so on.

Who is it for

The ideology of moving on to a harmless and eco-living lifestyle is coherent with the progress we expect from a 21st-century style living. From turning tables for the poor mother nature to providing smart choices for those who care, and feeling responsible for their actions; this is the futuristic lifestyle which respects all species. It is never too late to start, and anyone with a willing heart can invest in products that curb the vicious cycle of unthoughtful consumerism.

Tale of the Last Century

If you look at your wardrobe, you will notice having consciously or unconsciously shopped for animal-derived fabrics like Cashmere, Silk, Shearling, Karakul Lamb Fur, or Vicuña etcetera. Times have changed, and cruelty-free cosmetics and animal-free clothes are the areas of interest of most fashion giants. Bans on fur and other animal-based good called for an alternative for big companies to survive the back-lash.

The Mindful Evolution of Leather

Plant-based leather accessories are making their way into the market with much acceptance. Popular materials like leather are being made from apple and cactus. On the forefront are hemp, organic cotton,  lyocell (wood), seaweed, beach tree fibre, soybeans, rPET and coconut fibre. These materials are processed dexterously to mimic textures and properties of suede, leather, moleskin, or wool. The end products look unbelievably sumptuous.

Vegan Goods to Hoard

Some of the most delightful accessories you would come across, which are made from down-free leather, look unbelievably expensive. Believe it or not, many luxury brands are already selling a plethora of these goods like hotcakes.

You might be taken aback if I told you that some of these goods include: the world’s first recycled tire journal, high-quality pair of classic oxford shoes, vegan backpacks which look uniquely chic, vegan cork belts, women’s handbags, vegan cork briefcases, vegan boots, and even vegan computer accessories.

Vegan Trendsetters at their Best

Many celebrities also own popular eco-friendly statement accessories, and this has inspired many followers to choose the life of purpose and give recycled goods a chance. Famous brands like Matea Benedetti, Noemie Devime, Altiir, Bayem, and many others who took part in the sustainable fashion week in LA have definitely raised the bar for ethical fashion standards. Hence, a lot is coming up in the next years for all the vegan lovers out there. Today, veganism aims to make cruelty free and plant-based life a norm for a better future for many generations to come.

A Promise to the Future

All this hype about people switching to veganism has many questioning the viability of this concept in the long run. The idea of living a green-life is attractive to businesses and environmentalists alike. This attraction comes from the fact that vegan concepts are futuristic and visionary since they allow the earth to heal from the gruesome effects of unnecessary and non-recyclable waste and environmental pollution.

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