All About Vegan Cactus Leather for Your Office and Business Essentials

All About Vegan Cactus Leather for Your Office and Business Essentials

Vegan cactus leather is the new innovative material for producing vegan leather office and business wardrobe-essentials. Vegan leather made from cactus is eco-friendly and sustainable and, importantly, does not use animal products.

All Ulvmand products are made using top-quality vegan leather made from cactus leaves. Cactus, unlike many other materials used in animal-free leather production, is all-natural. We are pioneering the vegan cactus leather industry to make belts, laptop cases, mousepads and many more stylish items coming soon.

Cactus leather can be used to make clothing, accessories, car seats, home furnishings and more. It just so happens that we specialise in making vegan leather accessories for all your business needs. Whether you are looking for a stylish belt, a minimalist laptop case or a sleek desk pad, these are items you can trust us to deliver on. Whatsmore, we have new product launches coming soon so make sure you follow our Instagram page for new release updates and to be the first to get your hands on our top quality faux-leather pieces. Be the envy of your next office party or business meeting when you grab our vegan leather office essentials.

To us, veganism is about reducing animal suffering as well as minimalising our impact on the environment. The demand for environmentally friendly materials is booming since the increase in exposure to veganism causing many people to become more conscious about their purchasing habits. That is why we developed our products using cactus leather to fill the need for plant-based leather alternatives, while not buying into feeding plastic production or causing environmental damage.

Vegan Cactus Leather

This is everything you need to know about vegan leather made from cactus leaves and why we love it so much. From its look, smell and feel to sustainable farming to the protection of biodiversity as well as of course being totally animal product free, there is no match for our PETA-approved vegan leather accessories.

How Vegan Cactus Leather Is Made

It took over 2 years to develop the process by which vegan leather can be made from cactus leaves. This process took so long as it was paramount to ensure the animals and planet came first along with producing a high-quality material that could be suitable for use in many industires.

Our cactus leather is made from mature leaves from the nopal cactus in Mexico. Where cactus is actually the most abundant plant found in Mexico. To harvest the cactus only the mature leaves are cut off to use. Harvesting 3 cactus leaves can produce one meter of our soft vegan leather. Within a few months, new leaves will grow to replace these mature leaves as the harvesting process is gentle enough to allow the plant to reproduce leaves for many years. In fact, the same plant can be harvested for 8 years. The leaves are then cleaned and mashed and dried in the sun for three days. Non-toxic chemicals are then used to treat the dried leaves and then the leaves make their way to the factory where they are shaped into a raw material fabric remarkably close to animal leather.


As a vegan brand reducing suffering to animals is at the forefront of our priorities. Therefore, it is no surprise that no animals are harmed during the process of farming cactus leaves for plant-based leather production. Which begs the question, why would you contribute to purchasing animal leather when alternatives that are better for the environment and the animals exist? Along with not contributing directly to animal suffering, the unique farming methods for producing cactus leather ensure that biodiversity in the local area of the Mexican cactus farm is protected.


All the cactus used to create your favourite vegan leather belts, laptop cases and mouse pads is made on an organic farm. Organic farms do not use harmful chemicals and instead rely on ecologically based pest controls (Adamchak 2020). Essentially organic farming ensures that local and wider biodiversity is preserved and protected from chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. Pesticides used in agriculture have been pinpointed as a major problem for biodiversity resulting in the death of many species (Geiger, 2010).


Although there are many materials that are used to make vegan leather, in industries from fashion to furniture, the most common material is PVC and PU which are both, essentially, plastic. Although purchasing leather made with plastic is better for the environment than purchasing leather made from animals (Green Matters). These products add to the ever-increasing problem of plastics in landfill sites which will take up to [500 years to] biodegrade. This means that even when intentions to minimise harm to animals and the planet are there upon initial purchase, there can be a problem upon disposal of these plastic leather products. But this isn't something animal leather can provide an alternative for either. It is important to note that due to the chemicals used in the tanning processes used in the animal leather industry, this too is not biodegradable. So what's the alternative? Cactus leather. Cactus leather has major benefits compared to animal leather and the more commonly seen PVC or PU vegan leather alternatives. Earth-friendly cactus leather is partially biodegradable.

Water and Land Use

Another reason for choosing faux leather made from cactus is that it considers other aspects of sustainability, including water and land usage. The fashion industry contributes heavily to global pollution. With leather being a trend seen on catwalks for decades it certainly plays its part in contributing to this environmental cost. The cows sadly farmed for leather each need 1800 gallons of water per year to survive, plus the tanning process used in leather uses even more water on top of this. With cactus leather, this problem is far from the case since cactus does not require nearly as much water. Cactus plants use 200 litres of water for 1Kg of biomass, however, this water is not provided by the farm using an irrigation system. As succulents, the nopal cactus can absorb water from the environmental humidity, saving the need to pump water in from external sources using irrigation.

Plus as a plant, the cactus actually contributes positively to the environment as it absorbs carbon dioxide. According to our farm manager, ''each acre of the cactus plantation absorbs more than 570 tons of CO2 per year''. As well as reducing CO2 whilst being farmed, the cactus is an incredibly resilient plant. Meaning that the cactus can be farmed in areas of Mexico that couldn't be used for other purposes such as grazing grounds or for farming less resistant crops.

Stylish and High-Quality

Not only are our leather products created with the animals and environment in mind, but they are also designed with style and quality in mind. Take a look for yourself in our online shop. Our products look like animal leather without the negative impacts and animal suffering. You will notice that all our products are soft and feel genuine leather. We are building a community of people who care about looking smart and having elegant desk accessories but also care about the planet and the environment. Our like-minded business community share interests in sustainable fashion and homeware, so why not come and join your tribe and shop Ulvmand.


Creating a sustainable piece includes creating durable pieces to last you years. Avoid contributing to the enormous problem of fast fashion which thrives on disposal and cycling purchases of new items every season. Instead invest in quality items that can last you for a decade or more, with proper care. As our handmade products are high-quality they can last in your office or wardrobe for 10 years [Fashnerd], far longer than many plastic material leather alternatives.

This post was all about vegan cactus leather.

Our goal is to positively impact the environment whilst creating some of the highest-quality office accessories. So what are you waiting for? Check out our online store or read our manifesto to hear all about why we are so passionate about what we do.

Find out more about our vegan cactus leather products on our Instagram page. We'd love you to join our ever-growing community of people who care about veganism, sustainability and eco-fashion!

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