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Beyond the Leather

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Brighton for Business Lunches

Everything you need to know about the best vegan restaurants in Brighton. This stunning seaside town offers a wealth of vegan options for any occasion. From intimate one to one meetings to private dining to luxury fast food, Brighton has it all. Ulvmand is passionate about producing handcrafted fashion accessories...

All About Vegan Cactus Leather for Your Office and Business Essentials

Vegan cactus leather is the new innovative material for producing vegan leather office and business wardrobe-essentials. Vegan leather made from cactus is eco-friendly and sustainable and, importantly, does not use animal products. All Ulvmand products are made using top-quality vegan leather made from cactus leaves. Cactus, unlike many other materials...

10 Vegan and Eco-Friendly Skincare Brands

At Ulvmand, we recognise that sourcing animal and eco-friendly skincare can be challenging, especially if you’ve recently taken your first steps into the world of vegan living. To help you out, here’s our guide to sourcing vegan beauty products with the 10 best vegan skincare brands to shop from!

5 Best Vegan Documentaries That Are Not Popular

From Amazon Prime to Netflix, vegan documentaries that inspire action are being released more and more regularly on our favourite streaming platforms. To help you soak up the educational value from some of the films that don’t receive the attention they deserve, here are five underrated vegan documentaries to watch...

How To Clean Vegan Leather: Purse, Bag, Bots and more

Here at Ulvmand we know exactly how to create one of a kind high-quality vegan leather accessories that can last you for years, with proper care. These tips will help you breathe life into older faux leather pieces and sustain wear for your newest wardrobe and office additions.

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in London for Business Lunches

As a vegan business, with a passion for creating handcrafted fashion accessories from plant-based materials, our enthusiasm for discovering great vegan food is unparalleled. These restaurants are known for their service, interiors and delicious vegan options. Best vegan restaurants in London for business meetings.

Vegan Fashion 2020-From Trickle-Down to the Forefront

This year, in 2020, stylists presented the world with an impressive Vegan Fashion Week in Downtown Los Angeles, proving that eco-fashion is anything but boring. Sustainable fashion has it’s own charm when it comes to cruelty-safe goods that are close to nature.